Holistic approach to cloud governance and Compliance

Running a successful company is a demanding task and can be challenging, without having to worry about GDPR compliance as well. Whether you are running a large corporation or you are just setting up a small startup, you need to make sure that you are compliant with the new GDPR regulation. We give you the perfect tool to efficiently handle all compliance within your company, including the GDPR.

Gain visibility and control over your compliance processes with ease

Our integrated GDPR solution includes multiple features that will assure you fully cover the pillars of the General Data Protection Regulation. We offer you: consent and privacy management, data discovery and integrations, documentation, audit logs, incidents and measures, trainings, assessments, people and customer profiles, full control and overview through our transparency portal

Get an award-winning access portal that supports secure Single Sign-On access of data and easy setup of security policies.

What we do


Our FREE suite includes a full GDPR readiness Assessment

Mesier is a cloud governance platform which gives you full and complete view of your company’s workflow and offers transparent insight on all personal data stored about your employees and customers alike. You can assess your company's compliance, offer your employees and customers insight and control over their personal data and enable them to consent to their data being collected for every separate service they are required to use. Mesier does not only include a full compliance platform, but also a powerful, all in one HR management and task and project tracking solution that brings together all your company’s activities into one, seamless, error free workflow.

Mesier offers you various products which you can choose and combine in order to best suit your company’s needs.



Helps manage your company’s employees and customers and allows you to build detailed profiles for each individual user. This way you have an overview of all applications and services each individual uses and what data is collected and stored about them. It makes the onboarding and offboarding of your clients easy and seamless, all the while managing their consent regarding their personal data. Mesier People facilitates the exercising of an individual’s rights within the GDPR and makes it easier to give them access to their data, and delete it from different systems if they so require according to their right to be forgotten.



Helps you assess and maintain your company’s compliance with the GDPR quickly, efficiently and repeatedly, so you never have to face a potential breach or fine. It is beneficial to the company, the employees, customers and designated DPO alike and helps them work together in avoiding a data breach and acting quickly and accordingly in case there is one. With Mesier compliance, you can perform a self-assessment of your company’s compliance, allow employees and customers to request viewing, changing and deleting their personal data, report and prioritize incidents and give real time information on what is being done in each particular case.



Mesier Tracker is an easy to use tool that helps track your all the projects you are managing, have insight into the time they take and their progress and enables you to invoice your customers in a timely and mistake-free manner. It gives you an overview of all billable and non-billable expenses and activities in your company and enables you to analyze project history, archive information about your customers and have all your timesheets and company administration available to you in just a few clicks.

  • Profile

  • Documentation

  • Company
    self assessments

  • Manual
    data discovery

  • Workflows

  • Incidents and Measures

  • Onboarding/

  • Transparency

  • Integrations

  • Audit, SSO & Automatic
    data discovery

  • Projects and

  • Reports and

Locate, Discover, Map, Document and Report

Our functionality is made simple and smart so you can spend more of your time on your core business.

Integrations and automatic data discovery

Compliance with GDPR isn’t an option—it’s mandatory.

An integrated GDPR solution is crucial for effective handling and processing your data. Gaining full visibility and control is building your digital trust.

Our solution helps you handle your onboarding and offboarding effectively, as well as the privacy of your company, employees and customers. All incidents are handled with ease with Mesier as it provides notifications of breach and incident management progress, as well trainings so all staff are familiar with GDPR protocols.

Benefits for an Enterprise

Benefit for the Enterprise

Automate your processes, handle your employee and customer data efficiently. Control who has access to which service and to what extent. Give your customers and employees access and insight into their data, through your Transparency portal. This way they control their personal data collection and use upon request and are able to exercise their right to be forgotten according to the law. Do not waste your time in Excel, just use our tool and have all the information you need at hand.

Benefits for Employee

Benefit for Employees and Customers

The transparency portal lets you handle your personal data, giving you an overview of your consents, systems, incidents and privacy policy. You can request data deletion, anonymization or changes at any time, or export your data.

Mesier Packages


Our basic version with single user

  • Core
  • Documentation
  • Simple assessment
  • Manual data discovery
  • Web support


  • Everything in FREE, plus
  • Multi user/role support
  • Configurable fields
  • Consent management
  • Integrate external applications with profiles
  • Mail, phone & Web support
  • Incidents and Measures


with AppsCo Business (Add-on)
2,5 USD (20NOK) per employee

  • Automatic data discovery
  • Identity Provider
  • Single Sign-On
  • Provisioning
  • Reports and auditing
  • Device management
  • Security policy
Add on
+ Mesier Tracker
($9) per user

Track and bill your time easily and quickly

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Oslo, Norway (Head Office)
We are experienced Norwegians with an industrial exit in HR software, who have developed new solutions for compliance processes with a special focus in GDPR and security.

Belgrade, Serbia
(Our own development center)
We have a team of experienced personnel developing and securing our solutions.